IB Brow Bar

IB Brow Bar

eybrow bar bostonIB Brow Bar

We now offer eyebrow tinting! We have put together a process of giving everyone that perfect brow - the brow everyone deserves.

We have customized the best products and techniques for the most professional look and experience. This process uses a vegetable-based tint to retrain the brow to that model-looking brow.

After the process your esthetician will give you one-on-one training in using an eyebrow kit that will help maintain the look in between visits.

Kit prices vary depending on the needs of the client.

Eyelash Tinting

We are also doing eyelash tinting! This perfect, easy day look will give you the effects of the darkest mascara, but without the hassle.

Eyebrow Tinting 

Just want a fast pick-me-up for the brow? Then this is for you! Eyebrow tinting provides slight definition for easy wear.

Eyebrow Bar
Please contact the salon for more information.